This program includes:

  • 1 year of access

  • Full, 15-module online program

  • 2 physical workbooks (1 for each of you)

  • (3) 15-minute virtual check-in sessions with a coach (optional)

  • Access to schedule 90-minute coaching sessions for an additional fee (optional)

Pricing options

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14-Day Money Back Guarantee

(Cancellation Policy)

I understand that with this transaction, I am PURCHASING this program in FULL. I am clear that I am NOT purchasing a monthly subscription plan that I can cancel at any time, but instead, agreeing to pay $899 in FULL less applied coupons (with the opportunity to do so over time, with interest, if I am choosing a payment plan). I understand that I have 14 days from the date of purchase to review and use the first two program modules. To be eligible for a 100% REFUND of my registration fee, I understand that I must complete MODULE ONE in the online program to demonstrate that I did the work. I will also schedule an exit interview with First-Class Marriage (FCM) by emailing so they can learn what didn’t work for me and have the opportunity to make it better for future clients. Refunds will be in full less any credit card processing fees which the bank does not return and will be refunded through the same method with which payment was made. I understand that chargebacks are NOT an acceptable way to cancel this program and will be contested—and that I MUST complete MODULE ONE within the 14 days as stated above to receive my full refund. I understand that the content of this course—including but not limited to the videos, worksheets, files, forms, documents, and spreadsheets contained herein—is protected under copyright law and the copyright is held by First-Class Marriage LLC. It is illegal to share, copy or re-purpose any of the materials herein for my own commercial use or with other individuals. These materials are for my personal use only unless I obtain prior written consent of First-Class Marriage LLC to the contrary. By purchasing this program, you are agreeing to this cancellation policy.